Project Overview


AWJ Civil are working to redevelop the Portland Cement Works site at Williwa St Portland NSW.

The landowners, AWJ are proposing to develop the site with respect and sensitivity in order to deliver a positive outcome for the town of Portland.Cement manufacturing on the site ceased in 1991. The site has been dormant for many years, and the ageing buildings are in various stages of disrepair.
The site has been operating under a mining lease for the extraction of limestone for nearly 100 years, and part of the process to relinquish the mining lease includes the demolition of certain buildings and other closure works. Once the mining lease has been relinquished, the site can be developed.Development Consent from Lithgow Council has been granted for demolition of certain buildings on the site (Cement Store, Loco Shed and the former Bachelors Cottage) which were demolished in June 2015.The diagram below is the draft Structural Plan that will inform the MasterPlan to be submitted as part of the Planning Proposal.

The diagrams below outline the project phases towards the Stage 1 Development of the site.

 We are currently completing Phase 6 – Authority Approvals, which includes the preparation of a Planning Proposal for the site re-zoning.

Planning & Design Consultants, Robertsday, have been tasked with designing a MasterPlan for the site, and creating a great place at The Foundations, Portland NSW.

The diagram below outlines the Place Creation process that the team are undertaking.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.51.33 pm

The site has been divided into several distinct precincts for the purposes of the master planning, as shown in the diagram below.


The below table outlines the proposed programming of the site, which is the culmination of several community consultation sessions conducted in Portland, and the expertise of our planning consultants, Robertsday.



The site owners are committed to working with the community to ensure that the outcomes of the development reflect the aspirations of the town and provide a vision for the growth and sustainability of this historic place. If you have some good ideas, please get in contact with us.