The Foundations at Portland NSW will be open to the public for the first time in history this April.

Australian-born, internationally renowned visual artist and photographer, Guido van Helten will return to the Central Tablelands town of Portland NSW to paint a large-scale mural on the 8-bin silos at the old Portland Cement Works site.

Commissioned by AWJ Civil as an introductory aspect at The Foundations, van Helten will apply his unique process of community engagement, photography and mural painting to the town with a rich history and unique mix of art and industry.

The artist has painted throughout Australia and internationally, dotting regional and urban landscapes with his exploration of community and identity generated through photography and large-scale, site-specific mural installations.

(Guido’s work in Fortsmith USA – Photo credit: Guido)

His work has developed out of his keen interests in travel, photography, architecture and learning about cultures in connection with their landscapes. From Brim to Coonalpyn and now to Portland: van Helten will transform the mid-century cement silos – a focal point of the town and in turn bring renewed interest to the heritage location.

“It’s the first time I’ve worked in a heritage location with such significance to a place. I’m looking forward to bringing my approach to this important site for Portland and the region,” van Helten stated, “I’ve had a really nice week getting to know the folks in Portland and learning about some of the connections people have with the site and what it used to be like.”

(Guido’s work in Jacksonville, Florida- Photo credit: Iryna Kanishcheva)

Receiving attention for his work in regional communities around Australia, van Helten was nominated for the Sir John Sulman prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2016 for his work in the regional town of Brim, Victoria.

Community members and tourists alike are welcome to the site as the artist works during April 2018 to transform the 20m high silos that dominate the local landscape.


Small, contained cooking fires are permitted on the property.


No private drones are permitted on the site. A commercial drone operator has exclusive rights to fly drones on the site.