The Foundations at Portland NSW will be open to the public for the first time in history this April.

Australian-born, internationally renowned visual artist and photographer, Guido van Helten will return to the Central Tablelands town of Portland NSW to paint a large-scale mural on the 8-bin silos at the old Portland Cement Works site.

Commissioned by AWJ Civil as an introductory aspect at The Foundations, van Helten will apply his unique process of community engagement, photography and mural painting to the town with a rich history and unique mix of art and industry.

The artist has painted throughout Australia and internationally, dotting regional and urban landscapes with his exploration of community and identity generated through photography and large-scale, site-specific mural installations.

(Guido’s work in Fortsmith USA – Photo credit: Guido)

His work has developed out of his keen interests in travel, photography, architecture and learning about cultures in connection with their landscapes. From Brim to Coonalpyn and now to Portland: van Helten will transform the mid-century cement silos – a focal point of the town and in turn bring renewed interest to the heritage location.

“It’s the first time I’ve worked in a heritage location with such significance to a place. I’m looking forward to bringing my approach to this important site for Portland and the region,” van Helten stated, “I’ve had a really nice week getting to know the folks in Portland and learning about some of the connections people have with the site and what it used to be like.”

(Guido’s work in Jacksonville, Florida- Photo credit: Iryna Kanishcheva)

Receiving attention for his work in regional communities around Australia, van Helten was nominated for the Sir John Sulman prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2016 for his work in the regional town of Brim, Victoria.

Community members and tourists alike are welcome to the site as the artist works during April 2018 to transform the 20m high silos that dominate the local landscape.

Camping sites ($10/night) and caravan / camper trailer sites ($15/night) are available to book, so you can watch the mural unfold. Toilets and showers are provided and pets are welcome. Please note that the caravan sites are not suitable for camping due to the hard ground conditions, and concrete slabs in some areas.

Sites can be booked here:

Please note, if you booking more than 4 nights, you may find it easier to contact Ticketbooth Customer Support on 1300 762 344.

Day visitors are also welcome without a pre-booked ticket, for a small donation to help restore the heritage buildings.


General Information:

Size and Layout of caravan / camper trailer sites:

Size and Layout of campsites:


  1. First night – Thursday 29 March
  2. Last night – Saturday 28 April
  3. Stays any duration from 1 to 31 nights
  4. Check-in time 12:00 midday to 5:00pm
  5. Check-out time 10:00am
  6. Booking required in allocated spaces
  7. Sites will be marked and numbered with set-out, all unpowered and suitable for up to 4 people.
  8. Day visitors permitted between 8:00am and 5:00pm, no ticket required
  9. Small contained cooking fires permitted
  10. Pets permitted
  11. Max 4 people per site
  12. Fixed cost of each site regardless of number of people
  13. Day visitors encouraged to make a donation to ongoing maintenance of heritage buildings.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for The Foundations campground

The use of the term “Property” refers to the campground you are booking, owned by GM Portland Developments and managed by The Foundations. All guests are required to comply with all applicable legislation while on the property. The Foundations reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be notified if you hold a future booking, which may be affected by these amendments. Unless notified otherwise, reservation charges and cancellation terms will apply as sold at the time of booking.


Terms of use

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Check in and check out times

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Changes and cancellations by The Foundations

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This event revolves around the painting of a large-scale mural by an internationally acclaimed artist. As such, the precise start date and finish date cannot be guaranteed. There may be a delay to the start date if Guido’s prior engagement runs overtime, and just as we would not want Guido to leave our mural unfinished, we must appreciate and respect his prior engagement must be completed before arriving in Portland. We also don’t know what Guido will be painting and therefore the total duration is only an estimate, there is a chance that he will finish earlier or later than the event duration, he is expected to start setting out on 26 March and be completed by 26 April 2018. No refunds will be provided for changes to this estimated schedule.

Termination by The Foundations

The Foundations may terminate the reservation and ask you and your guests to leave the park immediately if you or any guest or visitor at the Property during your stay:

  • Breaches any legislation
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No refund will be provided in these circumstances.

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Pets and domestic animals are allowed in the property and must be kept under control by owners. Depending on the behaviour of your pet, you may be requested to keep it on a leash, and this request must be adhered to. 


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The Foundations accepts the reasonable use of the Property. We reserve the right to invoice or charge additional fees if the Property is damaged, left in an unreasonable or unsatisfactory condition, and/or Property items are broken or lost. You are required to remove all rubbish from the Property, into the bins provided.



Reservation terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to any reservation.

Changes by you

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Cancellations by you

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  • No refund will be made if you cancel any part of the reservation less than 14 days prior to the first day of the reservation or any time after.

That is:

  • 0 to 14 days: No refund
  • 15 days or more: 50% refund


Small, contained cooking fires are permitted on the property.


No private drones are permitted on the site. A commercial drone operator has exclusive rights to fly drones on the site.